"Having completed two Fitpacking trips, I am pleased to report that consistent weight the first trip the second was well-staffed and the other hikers were extremely collegial. The difficulty level was manageable by all, and the itinerary was well thought out. Love the hikes.***

George M., Gila National Forest, 2013, Crater Lake National Park, 2014, Mount Rainier National Park, 2015, Great Smoky Mountains LeConte Lodge, 2018, Condor Trail / Los Padres National Forest, 2019, Death Valley National Park, 2020

"This is my 5th Fitpacking trip, yes there were days that were hard, yet meeting great people and seeing amazing sights makes it worth it. I look forward to doing another trip, hopefully with [names of guides]. They are inspirational guides.***

Guido G., Redwood National Park, 2010, Shenandoah National Park, 2011, Mount Rushmore National Park, 2011, Rocky Mountain National Park, 2011, Gila National Forest, 2013

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