How fit or fat should I be?

Fatpacking is targeted for people who are approximately 15-75 pounds overweight, but that's mostly a guideline. A 300 pound man who played football in high school or college and now works a construction job or goes to the gym occasionally might be a fine candidate.

A waif of a woman who has never exercised in her life, weighs 120 and is 15 pounds over ideal weight might be a poor candidate. Weight alone is no guarantee of success or failure.

Ideal participants currently engage in a modicum of physical activity. This may be a nightly walk around the block, a gym workout once or twice a week, or maybe a person who occasionally bikes to work.

Fatpacking is not recommended for people over 65 or under 18, but again this is just a general guideline. To date, the oldest successful participant was 73 years old.

In order to assess whether or not Fatpacking is appropriate for you, consider the following:

  1. See a physician
  2. Take a several mile long day-hike carrying about 15 pounds
  3. Go to an outdoor store such as REI or EMS. Put on a backpack, load it with 40 pounds, and walk up and down a flight of stairs 20 times. This will take a while. See how you feel.
  4. Contact us and we'll discuss it.

Your chances of success are better if you have camping or backpacking experience and have an idea of what to expect in the wilderness, though such experience is not mandatory. A positive attitude, a sense of adventure, and a good disposition add immeasurably to your chances for a fun and successful trip.

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