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The Body Composition Study

The ongoing study is in the process of scientifically determining a causality between backpacking and body composition. Fatpacking's observed results can be perused by filling out the query form below.

Fatpacking participants are part of our ongoing Body Composition Study. We monitor many bodily metrics such as

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Caloric Intake (we'll measure it, not limit it)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Respiration
  • Heart Rate
  • Body Mass
  • Cholesterol level (requires an invasive procedure, so not mandatory)
  • Appearance (Photographs that will NOT be posted here to protect privacy)


Health data measurements are taken on a periodic basis. Metrics are obtained before the trip, at the halfway point (two week trips), and at the end of the trip.


Form your specific inquiry below to see pertinent statistics .

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Body transformations are highly individualistic and are often gender specific. For instance, men typically lose more weight than women because they're heavier to begin with. Furthermore, women typically replace fat with muscle, which appears as a small overall weight loss even though their body composition has changed.

Furthermore, a woman's menstrual cycle may significantly contribute to fluctuations in her body composition, although we have not determined what kind of influence this has on weight, as such questions to participants are private.

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